Monday, March 9, 2009

Hippoleetoe FAQ

I've decided to write a FAQ's page in order to answer
many readers questions.
Learn something. :] is the site .. well what the heck is a blog ?

A blog, for me, is a place where I let my mind go wild. A place to track my life, my interest and funny stuff that happens to me. lol. Okay .. really .. its a place for me to write and you to be nosy. :]

Hippoleetoe? Huh? What kinda animal is that?

Its not an animal dear. Hippoleetoe ='s Hipolito which ='s my last name. Hippoleetoe is how you say it. so you must never get it wrong.
Awesome, I know.

Well Hippoleetoe, who the heck are you?

Name's Megan. I'm currently 20 years of age and counting. Exactly Half Filipino and Half Mexican. Born and raised in good ol' so cal and a completely normal girl(on most days).

&& you blog because?

Throughout the years I have tried many things to expand my existence and try to make a mark and this is one thing that has actually stuck. Plus I like to look back and see how big of a dork I was.
Geez..whatever I'm writing about anyways got you reading :]

Do you really have that much free time to blog? Don't you have a life?

Its really not as hard as it seems. It only takes a few minutes a post, especially if its meaningful to me. So no, I don't just sit around all day and blog. Plus if I didn't have a life you wouldn't have such amazing stories to read!

Why are you picking your nose in the banner?

'cause I can.

You're too pretty for that!

Aw thanks, but I'm a dork sometimes, what can I say?

Can I date you?


Is their a faster way to contact you besides email?

Yea and no, I could list all my messengers but truth is I don't login much.
sooo.. is the best bet! I check it a lot OR just comment a post with your email!

You write really well!!

Gracias! If you want to offer me a job I'm more than willing to write for you! lol